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Introduction and Summary

Welcome to Seek Vision -  a portal for Spiritual awakening, sharing everything you need to know about the Sacred SecretionChrist Oil, Kundalini Energy and the monthly seed. Including your Sacred Secretion timing, succinct information about the inner alchemy of enlightenment, and plenty of simple practical guidance.

This video summarises the sacred secretion cycle occurring in the temple body. the cycle can cause degeneration or regeneration physically, mentally, and spiritually, depending on our vibration and choices.

The regeneration of the fluidic lunar body happens monthly coinciding with the moon.

Light in the form of photons (electromagnetic energy) is received by the brain and differentiated by the pineal and pituitary.  The two potencies flow through the autonomic nervous system, through the semilunar ganglion and into the solar (celiac) plexus,

where they merge and conceive the monthly seed (cell) in the spleen. Every seed begins its life exclusively in water (lymph/CSF/Marrow/Christ Oil/Living Water), including all body stem cells and DNA.


Stem cells have the ability to self-renew and become any cell in the body, making them key to the great regeneration. After conception, some of the seed (cells) will automatically flow up the spinal cord from T12 Percival calls this automatic reclaiming. The remainder enters the vagus nerve and descends to the procreative organs where it is further vivified.


If not expelled, the vivified seed is then reabsorbed into the body where it begins its ascension to C4 for the baptism. On its path to C4, it travels through other vital organs, including the kidneys and the heart. Love in the heart stimulates oxytocin release by the pituitary. This chemical is the catalyst for PINEAL METABOLISM.


The stimulated pineal can then upgrade melatonin into DMT and the OTHER BIOCHEMICALS of Super (Christ) Consciousness. 

This website and Kelly-Marie Kerr's other books and media offerings are all dedicated to explaining and shedding light on all aspects of this glorious, NATURAL process.

Super Consciousness Awakening COURSE
The Path of the Sacred Secretion, Christ Oil, Kundalini Energy and the Monthly Seed.

Sacred Secretion Kundalini Energy Super Consciousness Awakening Course

We are all divine beings or "Gods" (as stated in Psalm 82:6 KJV), but as a race our power and divinity has largely been forgotten and diminished.

Spiritual awakening is largely a remembering and reactivation of our innate human power.


This Super Consciousness Awakening Course is the result of decades of research and experimentation into the Sacred Secretion and all of its facets, and is sure to give you profound results.

Accessing your natural divine consciousness will change your entire life and improve your health -- body, mind and soul.

 The original sacred secretion explainer video
A Concise Decode of the Biblical Christ Oil and True Anointing of Inner Alchemy.

Christ's "crucifixion" takes place inside the brain.

Jesus Christ was crucified at a place just outside Jerusalem called Calvary, which means "skull."

The human spine has 33 vertebrae symbolised by the 33 years of Jesus's life.

The Christ Oil or Sacred Secretion flows down the spines central canal or "River Jordan" and can ascend to the "Cross" of crucifixion or transmutation in the Vagus nerve provided one

embodies or practices certain ways of living and being for themselves. This inner alchemy is the true anointing and path to enlightenment, healing, and accessing your own Super Consciousness Awakening.

 “Jacob named the place Peniel (Pineal) because, he said, “I saw God face-to-face and lived to tell the story!” Genesis 32:30

 THE GOD DESIGN: secrets of the mind, body and soul
Kelly-Marie Kerr's Bestselling Book on the Inner Alchemy and Biochemicals of Enlightenment. 

The God Design Sacred Secretion Explainer Body Mind and Soul by Kelly-Marie Kerr Book Cover Cover

The God Design: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul is a thorough study and explanation of both the Spiritual elements and physical compounds that coexist to create what has become known as the "Sacred Secretion". The God Design focuses on explaining the microcosmic and macrocosmic layers of the alchemical process and explores the notions of Jesus Christ as a historical figure, a germ or seed and a celestial figure.

The existence of the Sacred Secretion in many cultures and guises is also shown including Kaya Kalpa Yoga, Kundalini and Xxenogenesis Nuclear Fusion. Spiritual, religious teachings and scientific theories and facts are examined, compared and paralleled.

Biblical symbols and metaphors are decoded with the aid of mystical insights and the corroboration of the latest scientific discoveries and theories. What will be revealed is the marvellous design of the human body – “made in the image and likeness of God” (Genesis 1:27).


By realising and observing certain sacred truths the magnificent potential of the God Design can be unlocked and activated. Specifically, this book discusses the scientific discovery of biochemicals, naturally produced in the human body, and associated neurophysiological structures that facilitate the awareness of realms of existence beyond ordinary, physical reality.

 THE sacred secretion: your guide to kundalini energy, Christ oil, alchemy and the monthly seed
A Compendium of the Most Crucial Information Needed to Understand and Activate Your Own Inner Alchemy.

the sacred secretion guide to kundalini energy christ oil alchemy and the monthly seed book cover

Your complete guide to understanding the monthly regeneration or Sacred Secretion process which coincides with the moon. 

This book includes:

  • Illustrations of the exact biochemical process happening within the body, in simple step by step explanations.

  • Easy instructions to find your CORRECT monthly Sacred Secretion practice days.

  • Straight forward and effective guidance on how to preserve and raise the Sacred Secretion to activate super consciousness awakening for yourself.

When the height of super consciousness awakening occurs, tingles are felt all over the body and there is an intense feeling of bliss which penetrates every facet of your being! This often results in various types of healing, mass detoxification, cellular regeneration, rejuvenation and increased cognitive abilities!


This Guide provides all of the most prominent and essential information that you need regarding the Sacred Secretion, Kundalini Energy, Christ Oil, and Monthly Seed to feel empowered, poised, and ready to embody the incredible, transformational benefits for yourself! Within these pages, you’ll discover pieces of vital knowledge sourced from, “The God Design: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul” complemented with a plethora of fresh insights and revelations, meticulously crafted to create this comprehensive compendium of guidance and wisdom.

 why "seek vision" 
Experiencing absolute Oneness and Unconditional Love.

Seek Vision Sacred Secretion Expert Logo
The words "Seek Vision" came to Kelly-Marie during a sacred secretion or kundalini experience many years ago. Kelly-Marie heard the voice of Divine Mind, True Source Love or God whisper "Seek Vision" so clearly that she was moved into action.

This experience has been a catalyst of inspiration for all of her diligent, painstaking research, works, offerings, books and media. 

Seeking Vision means focusing on the absolute Oneness of unconditional love and limitless power, that flows in and through each one of us. Vision is IMAGINATION, Creative Power, intuition, FORE-sight - Something seen in the SUPERNATURAL. Seeking Vision is a shift from dwelling on the seen to realising your true potential as a light being and contributor to the collective consciousness expansive.  Follow Seek Vision on Social Media now - links below.

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