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Christ Oil Kundalini Energy

your sacred secretion TIMING / practice days. 
Your ReGENEration Days are When the Moon is in Your Sun Sign for the Duration of Tropical AND Sidereal Systems.

This video tells you exactly how to calculate your Sacred Secretion Practice Days, the correct way, in under 7 minutes.


There are others who are distorting this vital information and causing people to complete their Super Consciousness Awakening practices on the wrong days. To experience the benefits of this sacred knowledge it's very important not to be mislead by these erroneous interpretations.  

Once a month, when the moon enters the zodiacal constellation that you were born under and for approximately 3.5 days, 

there is an opportunity for super consciousness awakening. At this appointed monthly time, you receive an astral influx of stellar (star), planetary and lunar energy that is specific to your atomic (astral) self.


This astral influx differs for each zodiacal sign due to the atomic variables and potencies of the stars and planets in or near each constellation. This is why the book of Genesis 1:14 told us "to use stars for signs."  

The reason the opportunity for super consciousness awakening happens monthly is due to the moons orbit reacting with the magnetite crystals in your brain. When the moon travels through the same position that it was in at the time of your birth, the astral influx contains the same influences, or energies that were presented to you or installed into you from or by True Source Love (God) at the time of your birth -- providing an opportunity for total regeneration body, mind and soul.

“When the Moon, in the course of her motion, arrives at the same point during each month, she impregnates these “seeds” and endows them with magnetic life; therefore, in an occult sense, she confers upon humanity the powers and possibilities of magical forces. It is this luni-solar influx of Naronia within the human constitution, then, that controls the real foundation and basis of spiritual development and occult power.”

(Page 126) [Naronia] “Light of Egypt” by Thomas H. Burgoyne

ReGENERATION Calendar 2024 3D Cover.png

You can easily find your monthly regeneration days or sacred secretion timing by purchasing the Regeneration Calendar 2024:

Or by using the Deluxe moon App which includes Tropical AND Sidereal settings:

The timing for Super Consciousness Awakening practice is fully explained in The Cell of Life: Awakening and Regenerating and is also part of the Super Consciousness Awakening Course available on Teachable.

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