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One night whilst dreaming I received a clear vision of a YouTube channel called "Seek Vision".  When I first had this dream I wasn't at all sure what "Seek Vision" was going to be about!  I just knew that I had to obediently follow the Lord God (light of the world's) divine assignment for my life.  Giving up the things that I thought I wanted wasn't easy, but I continued to pray for clarity and revelations so that I could figure out exactly what "Seek Vision" was supposed to be.  

Through an UNDENIABLE sequence of synchronicity's and visceral experiences of God I discovered the "Sacred Secretion!" This sacred knowledge is the seed that has rooted itself deep within my God given passion and desire to use my spiritual gifts to tell the allegorical truths of the Bible.  This awakening has literally changed my life and levels of excitement beyond ANYTHING THAT I EVER COULD OF IMAGINED.

Peace and light

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