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Christ Oil Kundalini Energy

revelation is elevation video series: chapters 1-22
The Sacred Secretion, Christ Oil, Kundalini Energy and Inner Alchemy Revealed in the Bible Book of Revelation.

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With his translation of the New testament Bible book of Revelation, King James created a cinematic masterpiece with an all-star cast that would cloud the minds of its readers for centuries to come.


His clever Bible symbols and codes are a metaphor for the inner alchemy known as the Sacred Secretion, Great Regeneration and Kundalini Energy (to name a few labels). 


These videos explain how the book of Revelation is an alchemical expose of the human bodies potential for enlightenment, super consciousness awakening and complete transcendence.


With the help of many notorious experts, Kelly-Marie Kerr has explored the mysteries in Revelation and passionately decoded and translated Scripture to give a clear, jaw-dropping, enriching and transformational physical, biochemical and metaphysical explanation.


The parallels between cutting edge science, ancient Scripture and our incredible temple-bodies revealed here cannot be denied, and these revelations are not for the faint-hearted.

Many references to the Sacred Secretion Timing and Christ Oil are made during the Revelation parable, "Johns vision of Christ."


Far from the literal interpretations of mainstream Bible scholars, this esoteric wisdom goes right to the crux of what anointing and ascension really means for each of us.

Learn the true significance of the four horses, the seven churches, the mark of the beast, the sacred cube, new Jerusalem, the dodecahedron, DNA raiments, and all the other complicated signs and symbols.

This video series and the book, "Revelation is ELEVATION" literally reveals the DIVINE POWER OF THE HUMAN BODY.

These secrets reinvigorate the flames of being - body, mind, soul, and spirit.

revelation bible book elevation inner alchemy sacred secretion book cover

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revelation bible book elevation inner alchemy sacred secretion book cover
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