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Every 29.5 days the Monthly Seed or Lunar Germ is Born or Produced in the Solar Plexus.

This controversial, feature length, animated video, gives a complete explanation of the monthly seed, plus its journey through the body and many other insights regarding the alchemical wedding of the lunar and solar bodies.

Many esoteric symbols are revealed freeing the mind from dogma and limiting mindsets.  

The fontanel of the skull known as Thura Iesous (The Door of Jesus), and the Cerebellar "Tomb" are just two of the symbols explored within. 

THE CELL OF LIFE: awakening and regenerating
A Full Study and Expose of the Monthly Seed or Lunar Germ "Born" or Produced in the Solar Plexus.

There is an automatic procedure within the human body, which, if not interfered with will do away with all sickness, trouble, sorrow, and death, as stated in the Bible.”

GOD MAN: The Word Made Flesh by G W Carey

The Cell of Life book is a full analysis and disclosure of what mystics have termed the “3-Fold Enlightenment” and the “Great Regeneration.” Beginning by designating the astral influx received monthly due to magnetite crystals in the brain reacting with cosmic influences caused by the moon or lunar cycles, and continuing through the body with an expose of transformation knowledge.


For the first time in centuries, the actual scientific parallel of the "Christ Lunar Germ," "Monthly Seed," or "Divine Seed” born in the body every lunar month is revealed. Empowering you to increase your health and vibrancy along all lines. This “seed” is what the masters designated our human opportunity for TOTAL awakening and regeneration. The great regeneration is 3-fold because the benefits are felt physically, mentally, and energetically.


The Cell of Life Monthly Seed Lunar Germ by Kelly-Marie Kerr Book Cover
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