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Picking up from chapter 17 where Scripture explained all about interoception also-known-as the "8th Sense", we journey into chapter 18. In this incredible chapter we discover all about how interoception causes an astute awareness of the "Whore" otherwise known as "sense consciousness".

Having an awareness of "sense consciousness" and how it drives our thoughts, emotions and actions is paramount to understanding our successes and downfalls.

An important part of our journey to enlightenment and self realization is understanding that we are NOT physically attached to the senses or the sensations that they detect,

"Sensations are elementals, nature units; they are not part of the body, but the body feels them. Every sensation of light, of shade, of color and of form, of sounds, of the tastes of food and drink, of odors and of all touch, is an elemental or a stream of nature units, elementals."

Thinking and Destiny by Harold W Percival

In other words, our senses detect and process sensations that come into the body from elsewhere!

"The sensations of hunger for food and for drink, including alcoholic liquors, and for drugs and for sexual contact are elementals within the body itself. When one eats a strawberry, the desire for the strawberry is not an elemental, nor is the act of eating, nor is the strawberry, but that which starts the desire for the sensation of tasting the strawberry and the sensation of taste of the strawberry, are elementals."

"When one drinks wine, the sensations of taste and of intoxication are elementals as well as are the cravings in the cells of the body that started the desire for drink. At sexual union, the sensations of sexual contact are elementals and so are the sights, sounds and odors that aroused sex desire, and so are the cravings in the sexual cells of the body that stimulated the desire."

Thinking and Destiny by Harold W Percival

In other words, what Harold Percival is describing as "elementals" are "entities". The Bible tends to use the words "angels" or "demons" to describe these "elemental forces"; some are useful and some are not!

"Sense consciousness" is our awareness of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and contacts - which ARE ALL STREAMS OF ELEMENTALS COMING FROM NATURE AND BEING PROCESSED BY THE 5 SENSES (5 Kings of the Earth).

These elementals come through the sense organs and travel along the nerves of the involuntary system, which connects them to the relevant part of the body, where they stimulate cells and become each perceivable "sensation". Whilst we are awake, this is happening continuously, perpetually - non-stop!

For example, in seeing an advert for a tasty salad, burger or ice cream the elemental then translates itself into a sensation for hunger. We can then identify the sensation and will think, feel or say "I am hungry".

Therefore, we can see how easy it is to become slaves to our senses and indeed, "sense consciousness".

"The character of human beings is often marked by dishonesty, greed, meanness, immorality, and the love of intoxicating drinks. Their feelings are entirely controlled by nature, which they worship and obey."

Thinking and Destiny by Harold W Percival

Looking back at chapter 17, we learned about how interoception or the 8th Sense is our inner witness, it takes all of the information from our surroundings - both material and subtle and helps us to gauge how we "feel". A very sensitive being may notice more vividly how their heart races in a particular situation, or how their muscles tighten when watching a certain television program.

Once a person is conscious of the inner sensations, caused by the outward elementals or entities - such as how laughter dispels tension and anxiety in the cardiac plexus we can effectively navigate ourselves away from environments that are inconducive to our health; body, mind and soul.

"So that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes."

Ephesians 4:14 (ESV)

My book THE GOD DESIGN: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul explains how the Sacred Secretion is ruined by certain sensations and emotions.

The mysterious book of Revelation truly is a physiological, biological and psychological study of our intrinsically designed temple bodies!

I hope you enjoy the video for chapter 18 of the book of Revelations.

Peace and light.


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