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eagles from heaven

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

I recently had a dream about a white eagle. I knew that the white eagle was a messenger from God. My question was, what is God trying to tell me?

I found many interpretations on dream analysis websites and remembered that eagles are mentioned in the bible many times, this being my favorite.

“the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” ISAIAH 40

The bible verses and the interpretations really affirmed one another, and I could see clearly that the eagle was a sign of encouragement and focus. Insight is a powerful tool toward enlightenment.

On a more “factual” basis I learned that the Eagle flies at a different altitude to most other birds; the Eagle flies higher. It is important to fly high like the eagle and remain focused on the glorious truth that God has instilled within our conscience.

As an empath there can be a tendency to have an incredibly sensitive spirit, which often absorbs negativity to an unhealthy degree. The clear perception of another person or creatures pain is a great attribute when seeking to follow Christs example, leading us to exhort, encourage and show compassion. But it can also be a challenge to remain aligned with love, freedom and faith when surrounded by so much darkness, hurt and confusion.

It is important to fly high like the eagle and remain focused on the glorious truth that God has instilled within our conscience.

Furthermore, I stumbled across this incredible video by “White Eagle” that I found to be SUPER ENLIGHTENED. This 7 minute video beautifully unveils truths that have been misconstrued for thousands of years.

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At the 2:59 mark - Quote: "then he knows, without the need for proof, that the one, true and only religion for a child of God is the worship of the Sun.

Being a new Born Again Christian (newbie), I'm confused by that line. It sounds anti-God/Christ to me.

As Christians, we are to "Worship" God/Christ and no other being, entity or object. Had the sentence ended with "focus on the God light within", then I'd understand. But as it's written, it goes against Christian teachings IMO. We are to "Worship" God, creator of all that is, only...... period.

This video is very esoteric or New Age or whatever name to address it. I don't care how ancient this practis…


Thank you for sharing your individualized Spiritual Emanation of God or Great Spirit (or Source, Godess or whatever name resonates that refers to the Divine Presence) Sacred Journey. Your decision to share in this way is a blessing, a gift and is also inspirational.

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