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“TIME” By Sir Laurence Olivier

Hello beautiful companions, apologies but due to the fact that I’m working very intently on the Revelation series today’s blog is very short and sweet.

By an absolute miracle, and incredible series of epic synchronicities some very old emails from my late father were recovered from my computer!

He always used to send me the most amazing poems, songs, book recommendations and quotes. When I reread this beautiful creation written by Sir Laurence Olivier I was so moved, I just had to share (see video below).

I suppose this blog just serves as a reminder, for myself included! Never give up your power, your very essence away to indignation. Stand firm in your power, the very power of God in and through you.

Because this poem is pure truth - the feeling that it provokes in our internal biochemistry raises our vibratory frequency!

When our vibratory frequency is raised, not only to we access our true power and potential - but the pituitary excites the pineal to enhance melatonin and then... WOW... Just watch the world change around you! "The God Design: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul" explains about melatonin upgrades in full detail.

God bless you All.

I hope you enjoy the poem:


Supporting YouTube creators by liking their videos and subscribing to their channels takes very little time and costs absolutely nothing. Please be generous with your clicking fingers during this challenging time of energetic flux. Thank you and God bless.


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Thanks again, it is an honour to journey with you all.

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